Data Transfer Made Easy – When Upgrading your Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Recently my mom just bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I realised that no one in my family knew how to transfer all their data from their Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S4 without having to do it manually. It is actually really easy when you upgrade from an older Galaxy S to a newer one. All you need to do is use Smart Switch Mobile app which can be downloaded using Google Play or Samsung Apps store. Then, just by touching both phones together, you can transfer your images, notes, contacts and much more.

Place phones back to back Place phones back to back

Firstly, you need to download the Smart Switch Mobile for both phones. Open the app and follow the instructions. Few reminders:

1. To transfer from your S3 to S4, you need to tap on the S3 to transfer to the S4. You can see when you launch the app on what you want to transfer over.

2. I just left the phone on top of each other, back to back, on the table and let it be since it will take a while depending on how much data you have to transfer.

3. To ensure no one calls you and interrupt the transfer, it is better to put both phones on Flight mode.

4. Make sure your phones have enough battery power just in case.

However, you need to reinstall your apps, but since your new Galaxy phone is already connected to Google and Samsung store, your list of apps is already there. You just need to install them again. Small price to pay, instead of having to search for them all over again or figure out what were the apps you used in your older phone.

Smart Switch Mobile app Smart Switch Mobile app

The Smart Switch Mobile app can be used to transfer data between all Galaxy phones. If you want to switch from a non-Samsung device to a supported Samsung device, you can use Smart Switch PC which is using a PC software. More information can be obtained from

Supported Galaxy device:

Galaxy S2 | S2-HD | S3 | S3-mini | S4 | S4-mini | S4-Active | S4-Premier | Note 1 | Note 2 | Note 3 | Note 8.0 | Note 10.1 | Grand | Express | R style | Premier | Mega | Galaxy Tab 3

Supported data:

Contact | Schedule | Memo | Message | Photo | Music | Video | Document | App list | Wallpaper | S-Health | Story Album | Lockscreen | Call logs | WIFI settings (from OS JellyBeanPlus 4.2 onwards) | Homescreen setting (only between Note 3 devices)


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