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I love collecting nail polishes, I am sure most people who know me can attest to that. Anyway, this is one of my latest purchase from the China Glaze Holographic range called OMG A UFO. I find the name kinda amusing since the colour is a olive green sort of shade which probably looks like some alien muck. Haha.

Anyway, just like all China Glaze nail polishes, the packing is the same and the brush is not as smooth as OPI but it is still pretty good for application.

Omg A UFO nail swatch OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is the colour swatch. I find the colour very unique and because it is reflective (hence the holographic namesake), it doesn’t look like muck or like directly translated from Cantonese “duck poop green” (ngap see cheng). Haha. In this swatch, I have applied about 2-3 coats. It really depends on how smooth you apply the nail polish. I tend to put very thin layers, so I tend to put 3 layers. You can do this is no time since it dries pretty quickly. Yay!

Despite the name “Holographic” in its series, the colour itself has no holographic properties as I expected it to have. When the term holograph is mentioned, I always think of those pictures where you see different images at different angles. This nail colour does have some reflectiveness to it, but that’s about it. Despite that, I think this is a very unique colour to add to a nail polish collection.

I also bought a bottle of Don’t Be A Luna-Tic for my buddy Jerine. Was tempted to do a swatch but it’s her birthday present so better not. Haha. You can check out her blog when she does a swatch.

By the way, make sure you put on a good layer of top coat. If not, whenever you do the dishes, or expose to a lot of water, the nail polish peels off.

Dries very quickly. Unique colour with reflective surface. Easy to apply.
Comes off easily if no topcoat. Peels off when expose to lots of water i.e. swimming, dishes, laundry.
Approx RM36 per bottle.


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    • ladyalie

      I just did my nails la. Hahaha. If I don’t pass it to you by next week then I swatch la. Hehe.

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