China Glaze Atlantis nail polish

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China Glaze Atlantis bottle

Been a while since I bought a sparkly nail colour. To celebrate the new year, I thought to myself, maybe should start off with a bang. So, I bought this – China Glaze Atlantis since my recent favourite colour is teal.


The usual. I like China Glaze and OPI because they have nice long wide brushes which makes application easier and smoother. And with a wide base, the bottle won’t topple over when I try to dip the brush in. Trying to do anything with wet nails is almost impossible.


Lovely colour with a strong colour base. Usually with these sparkly nail polish, the base colour is pretty diluted. However, CG Atlantis has a nice strong teal colour even after 2 thin coats. The shiny bits in the polish are very fine so you would be sure to get lots of glitter on your nail. However, don’t forget to top it off with a top coat so that it doesn’t feel rough on the surface.

China Glaze Atlantis

Just need 2 coats for solid colour. Very glittery.
Dries a little too fast. Can become clumpy if using in a cold room.
Approx RM33 per bottle.
MyLacquer online shop

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