Baby Room @ Paradigm Mall, Selangor

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Yup! I’m starting a compilation and reviews on baby-friendly locations. Since I now have an infant, and a 7 year old boy, sometimes it is just such a pain to find places that offers decent baby rooms. Not only do … Continued

Preventing Stretch Marks with Wild Stretch Mark Ointment from Luxola

My tummy has been stretching a lot and it is starting to itch quite a bit… quite annoyingly as well. To prevent stretch marks, I have always been using cocoa butter creams, but somehow this time round I find the … Continued

In Love with CooperVision dailies!

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I have bad eyesight. Not only do I have problems wearing specs, and contact lens gets dry and irritating after long hours of wear. In addition, I spend hours in front of the computer, making my eyes tire easily and … Continued

Stop Removing Your Egg Yolks!

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Time and time again I’ve noticed this perpetual misconception about cholesterol, especially when it comes to eggs. Despite what everyone seem to believe, egg yolks do not increase your cholesterol. So, unless your doctor specifically says so, stop throwing away … Continued