YDE RTW FW 2015 Collection @ Paris Fashion Week

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OLE YDE offers a stylish, sophisticated wardrobe this Autumn Winter 2015-2015 that is effective for a woman of character who knows herself and knows how to best wear each garment . The elegance is reflected in this collection using rich … Continued

Laurence Bossion Milliner FW 2015 Collection @ Paris Fashion Week

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The apparent masculinity of a classical men’s fabric is now underlined with fine leather, a patina, feathers or draped men’s ties, mixing masculin and feminin codes amid the shapes and materials. In the same way, day and night fabrics find … Continued

Bernard Chandran FW 15 Ready-To-Wear Collection @ Paris Fashion Week

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From the Chinese cartoon character Mulan, the female warrior is the inspiration for Bernard Chandran’s Winter 2015 Collection. Reflecting the strength of today’s working woman, with the responsibility of holding her family together along with the running of a million … Continued

Baby Room @ Paradigm Mall, Selangor

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Yup! I’m starting a compilation and reviews on baby-friendly locations. Since I now have an infant, and a 7 year old boy, sometimes it is just such a pain to find places that offers decent baby rooms. Not only do … Continued

Dong Quai Herbal Soup for Fatigue and Gynaecological Ailments | Alie’s Kitchen

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Wow, it has been almost a month since I last blogged. Sorry, but couldn’t find the time to put everything down online as my little BabyQuah is really a super princessy fussy pot. So now MamaQuah is really tired out, drained … Continued