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Colourful balloons released Colourful balloons released

Missed the launch? No worries! You can still view the new Samsung Galaxy S4 at all major outlets and telcos. Anyway, the launch of the S4 was quite a fun one. The parade started at Sunway Pyramid just outside Blue Cube where loads of people were lining up for the new S4. Then they adjourned to DiGi storefront inside of Pyramid, and subsequently to Gardens Midvalley, and Berjaya Times Square; with their finale outside of Lowyat Plaza.

It's party time! It's party time!

The S4 launch carnival consisted of cheerleaders, a marching band, clowns, stilt walkers and lots of other carnival performers. It was colourful and fun! In Lowyat Plaza, there was a flash mob and guess what were they performing? Psy’s latest hit – Gentleman. Hahaha.

Hands-on in the Samsung Mobile Bus Hands-on in the Samsung Mobile BusWell, anyone who was at the location of Lowyat Plaza was able to hop onto the Samsung travelling bus and be the first to get a hands-on experience of the all new Galaxy S4. I think this was a rather interesting way of launching a phone, not the usual sit-down media launch held in some obscure location as the public get to also enjoy the festivities of the launch.

Anyway, that evening, I popped by 1 Utama Samsung store to take my time playing with the new Galaxy S4. They had only one demo unit and despite my plan to go there at an obscure hour, there was still a line to try it out. So, finally when it was my turn, I had to stop myself from grinning to myself and looking like an idiot. Haha.

I really love the new Galaxy S4! And here are a few reasons why…

1) Upgraded design
Size comparison S3 and S4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am currently using the Galaxy S3. And honestly I am quite contented with it, well, until i held the S4. Haha. The new Galaxy S4 is slimmer and with a bigger screen, and the resolution is much sharper and clearer. I love it! Watching videos and browsing photos never looked so good! The unit also feels good in my hand; not too big and not too cumbersome. This is especially important since I tend to text with one hand and if I cannot reach the end, then it would be more tedious to send out messages while on the go.

The new S4 has a 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with 441ppi; 1920 x 1080 display! Woots!



2) Higher processing power
As a techy person, I feel I can never get enough power from anything. Now, when more apps are requiring more and more resources to run, I think having more power is always good. With the Galaxy S4 new Exynos5 1.6 Quad-Core + 1.2 Quad-Core (meaning 1.6GHz Octo-Core!!), processing your photos and apps would be way, way, way faster.

3) Optical reader, Air gesture and Samsung Smart Pause
Screen difference between S3 and S4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe new S4 has new ways to scroll as you read anything using the built-in browser called the Optical Reader. By detecting your eye movement, the page automatically scrolls up or down without needing to use your finger to scroll. Cool huh?

Another new feature is the pausing of videos if you are not looking at the screen. If I am not mistaken, this is called Samsung Smart Pause. Whenever you are watching a video, if you were to look away from the screen (for whatever reason), the video will automatically pause so you won’t miss a thing in case you forgot to use your fingers to manually pause the video.

In addition, while browsing through your photo gallery, you don’t need to touch the screen – you can just use gestures to change from one image to the next. This is using Samsung Air Gesture feature.

There is much, much more to love, but if I go on and on, this post will never end. Having said all that, you should pop by Samsung stores or any major telcos (Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, U-Mobile) to check out the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Play with it, feel it, caress it, and you will know why I love it.  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

For more photos and info on the new S4, do like Samsung Mobile Malaysia FB page.

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