L’Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine Swirl lip gloss

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L'Oreal Miss Marshmallow L'Oreal Miss Marshmallow

First review for this year! A rather cute and shimmery gloss, with lots of sparkles in it. Since this gloss is a transparent colour, makes you wonder why do they come in different shades. Well, the different shades of colour refer to the colour of the shimmer. The sample I’ve got here with me is in “Miss Marshmallow” and it’s in a shade of peach and iridescent pink. Just looking at the packaging, you can see the gloss looking very much like the inner part of a shell – all rainbow-like.

Miss Glam Shine lip gloss Miss Glam Shine lip gloss

Looks glam with a lovely gold chrome finishing which doesn’t leave ugly fingerprint smudges on it. Small and light, it is easy to chuck in your purse. However, personally I prefer glosses to be uniformly cylinder to make it easier to arrange in a very small clutch. But because of the tapered shape of this gloss, it can stand on any flat surface as you apply.

It is a rather furry applicator. However, due to the heart shaped “furriness”, the gloss adheres well to the lips so you just have to apply only once all over and you’re done. The bad thing about these stick gloss with furry applicators is that you need to give it a good cleaning with a tissue every now and then to avoid it smelling a tad stale.

The Gloss
I liked the colour. It is shimmery and can go well on top of any lipstick giving your lips a nice pout; or by itself to pull off a more natural nude look in the day. It isn’t too sticky, but as gloss goes, sticky is something you can’t really avoid. At least for this gloss, I don’t have to prudently hide my mouth to “unglue” my lip apart. In addition, it smells really nice. Like chocolate candy.

There isn’t much colour in this gloss as it is meant to enhance, not colour. But I like it on its own for day wear and adding some colour under it for a more glam feel. There are three different swirls to choose from; Miss Marshmallow (which is this colour, a blend of pink and peach hues), Miss Raspberry (a mix of berry shades) and Miss Apricot (an orangy hue for a little more pop).

This gloss comes together in a value pack – together with L’Oréal Paris Lucent Magique Skin Illuminating BB Cream (which is in my next review!). It costs RM53.90 for the pack and although it is a value buy, I am waiting for it to be sold individually.

L’Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine Swirl

Not over sticky. Smells yummy.
Have to purchase in a bundle. A little pale if used alone.
RM53.90 for a twin-pack.
Major Pharmacies & Department Stores.

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